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Step 1. Once logged in, click on the blue Add Location button.


Step 2. Use our smart Google Places search box to find your establishment. Once you have found your establishment provide a customer-friendly name and click add location.

Step 3. That's setup complete! You are ready to start accepting check-ins! 



There is a number of ways your customers can check-in

Public QR code Check-In


Click the view link on your location to display your public QR code. Customers can simply use their camera app to check-in directly.

You can also check-in on their behalf.

Short URL Check-In


Customers can also visit<your 4 digit code> to check-in. 


Viewing recent check-ins


When logged in, the activity view table allows you to view all recent check-ins. Or scan your private QR code for quick access for you and staff.

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